Jan. 28, 2013, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

What to Look for in a Wedding Website


These days it's difficult to choose how to set up a wedding website. Almost every big wedding related site has a host of tools including a website feature. Some websites offered integrate with seating charts and RSVP and others offer a custom URL. Problem is, you might prefer a template from an entirely different website provider.

We're getting to the bottom of it. We interviewed the experts at Wix.com to get into the real nitty gritty of wedding websites and what you should look for when choosing a provider.

Top 4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Website

  1. Customization: Not all Weddings are Created Equal

  2. Look for a wedding website template that allows some customization. Every wedding is not the same - so you might need different tabs or buttons, additional information about registries, details for multiple events or travel itineraries for destination weddings.

    Make sure that you start with a nice design you like that has all the basics like: directions, itinerary, accommodations, RSVPs, and registry info. Ensure the site offers the ability to customize each section and layer on custom information and tools where needed like more details about the wedding party or allows you to add an existing blog or tumblr site you update as you plan your wedding.

    Here's a helpful video that walks you through what you might want to include on your own website.

  3. Functionality: Custom RSVPs, Photo Galleries & more

  4. Double check that the wedding website template you are using is not too restrictive. For example, some sites will only let you RSVP using their built in tool which requires you to upload your entire guest list. If you're providing your guests with the website URL in your printed invitation, you can use a free google docs form to create a custom RSVP form with all of your events and specific questions. Both solutions could be useful, but it's important to know the restrictions BEFORE you sign on with a provider and do all the work to create your website.

    Another example is for photo galleries. If you are already using tumblr or flickr for photos and blogging, you should double check whether the website template will allow you to connect various tools in one central location.

  5. Privacy: Wedding Photos & Event Details

  6. When trying to control your guest list, there are inevitably going to be a few cuts. For the same reason you might not post your wedding details and photos all over Facebook, you might want to maintain some level of privacy and control over your wedding website even within your extended network of family and friends, never mind the general public. Look for websites with the option for password protection. You can give your guests the website URL and a password with their invitation and allow them to browse the site at will without opening yourself up to the entire internet.

  7. Thinking Ahead: Wedding Website URL & Templates

  8. So what happens to your wedding website after the big day? Some people will post their wedding photos up there, or blog about their honeymoon, but that's pretty much the extent of it for most couples.

    Consider looking for a website company that offers more than just wedding website templates. Now that you already have a custom URL, why not update your website using a new design template and turn it into your family photo gallery or blog that you can maintain as your lives change and family grows.

For more information on wedding website templates and services that can take you from wedding planning right through to sharing news of your wedding, honeymoon and family additions, check out Wix.com.