July 13, 2010, 10:41 p.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Old Spice Guy Delivers Marriage Proposal for Jsbeals


You may have noticed that the Old Spice Guy was making videos in response to questions from the blogosphere and the twitterverse today as part of a new marketing campaign.

Everyone was encouraged to ask him a question, and he would answer in his typical "manly fashion". Sadly, he didn't get around to answering our question, but he did manage to make quite a few videos.

Some of the questions were silly, and others quite serious, but the request from Jsbeals takes the cake! He asked the Old Spice Guy to propose to his girl friend. Here's the video. Read more to find out if she said yes!

July 31, 2014, 6 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Is it ok to split the cost of your engagement ring?


Weddings are all about tradition, but some traditions are meant to be broken. Do you have to have a cake? No. Garter belt? Definitely not. Take your husband's last name? Totally up to you.

The same goes for engagement rings. Women everywhere dream of their engagement ring long before their boyfriends have thought of popping the question yet we expect our partners to know exactly what we want. AND, to start setting aside precious resources to save for a giant investment. Should an engagement ring really amount to three month's salary? Does it even have to be a diamond? Your finances will soon be joint - so how much is going to be spent on a ring should be a mutual decision.

From budget to design, more and more couples are choosing a ring together. The Knot surveyed 14,000 brides in 2013 all about their engagement and jewelry. Turns out,
most women are somewhat involved when it comes to their engagement ring. 64% are involved in selecting ...