March 11, 2011, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Is It Cold in Here? Nipple Coverage Under Your Strapless Gown


Dear SmartBride,

I love my dress! Every time I go in for a fitting I love it even more. But the last time I went, I noticed in the mirror that you could see a little more through my dress than I realized. Granted, it was a little “cold” in the shop – if you know what I mean. But, my ceremony is outside and who knows what the weather will be like!

Bring It Up

I am usually an A, sometimes a B cup (on a good day) but given how tight the top of my dress is, I wasn’t planning to wear anything underneath. Please help – my friend suggested “pasties”, but you should see what came up when I googled it!


Read on for tips from our experts from Bring It Up….

Dear Elise,

We hear ya! No bride wants to be worried about showing too much on her wedding day – especially since pictures last forever! If you’re an A or a small B cup and don’t feel like you need support, your best bet is probably some kind of breast cover to avoid a wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson proportions.

We want to introduce you to nipple covers. Rest assured, we’re not talking about anything with tassels here, but a more utilitarian approach. As an A or B cup, Smooth and Lift Nipple Covers would provide you with moderate lift, hide any nipple protrusions and provide some modesty.

Bring It Up Nipple Cover

Bring It Up Smooth and Lift Nipple Covers - $ 24.99

They are like two products in one with a daisy-shaped nipple cover overlaid with a clear stretch contoured shaper. With Smooth and Lift Nipple Covers, you’ll be covered through the ceremony and reception!

Dance away!

Your friends at Bring It Up

About Bring It Up:
Bring it Up products are unique because their method enables women to lift their breast from the top, not underneath. The lifts are applied to the top of the breast, elevating the breast and the nipple, resulting in perfectly shaped, uplifted breasts instantly, without surgery.