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Expert Tip: Wedding Trends 2012: Table Settings


What’s Old is New Again…..Wedding Table Setting Trends for 2012!

Table Settings for weddings in the past 5 years have drastically changed; there seems to be an ebb and flow to how table settings are used as part of the overall decoration of the wedding reception.

For 2012, the big trend in wedding table settings is vintage.

More and more couples are opting for a vintage look, incorporating older family photos; sepia photos of themselves, vintage frames and handwritten place and menu cards. Everything that was once old is new again.

Vintage Table Setting

Other trends we’re seeing are the use of long rectangular tables rather than the round tables. This gives the feeling of weddings of old, where guests would sit at the very long tables and all guests could see each other.

Couples are also moving away from have table settings that cover every inch of the table top surface; making it difficult to even fit dinner on the table! We’re seeing that most table settings are only being set with your first course and as you move through the various courses, the place setting will be brought to the table.

So how can you make your table settings look more vintage? Here are 3 tips:

  1. Place a table runner or table overlay made of lace or brocade fabric on each table.

  2. Have the photos of you as couple printed in a Sepia tone; this will give your photos a vintage look

  3. Use picture frames with intricate details and silver colouring

Now for the best part, here are 4 tips to get the vintage look for much less than you think:

  1. Go to your Local Fabric Store. Creating table runners or overlays yourself allow you to control the look and the cost; renting these from your banquet hall or décor will add more cost to your décor budget line.

  2. Buy it Yourself. Buy the photo paper at your local Staples and print the photos for each of the tables yourself. If you have to print 30 images for the tables it will probably cost less than $30 to print the photos.

  3. Get Crafty. At your local craft store look for kits that include the place cards and menu cards; these will usually cost you no more than $25 per 100. Writing the place cards yourself adds that personal touch, making your guests feel like they’re a special part of your wedding day.

  4. Check your local dollar store. The quality in picture frames and the choice in picture frames is a lot better than in the past few years and you can get 30 frames for about $45. (Extra tip you can also find vases for your centrepieces there as well!)

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