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Expert Tip: Wedding Trends 2012: Hiring a Professional Masters of Ceremonies for your Wedding


Get a Professional…..Wedding MC Trends for 2012!

Brides and Grooms depend on family members or friends to "emcee" the evening’s itinerary, based on the fact that they are either outgoing or funny or organized. However, in most cases, it causes more of a whirlwind of stress and panic for the emcee and also for the Bride and Groom.

Professional Wedding MC
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One of the trends we’re seeing in 2012 when it comes to the reception is the professional Master of Ceremonies (MC). A professional MC is more than the familiar term “Emcee” that makes announcements. They help set the mood to your wedding and help keep guests at ease and in the know. Beyond that, they also:

  • Allow everyone attending your wedding to enjoy the celebrations with you;

  • Stay focused on the task at hand, unlike your friend/family Emcee who may be in the middle of their meal or distracted with old friends;

  • Work with the wedding planner and caterer in trouble-shooting any problems;

  • Know when to speak and when to be quiet (Unfortunately a few drinks can turn an outgoing and fun Family/Friend Emcee into a really embarrassing situation for all);

  • Add a unique experience to your evening by creating fun and entertaining activities that will transform the usual dinner experience and enhance the evening's line-up.

Professional Wedding MC
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Here are 4 tips on how to find the perfect professional MC for your wedding:

  1. Ask Your Planner. Work with your wedding planner to find a few professional MCs. In most cases, they have seen an MC in action and would have good advice on this matter;

  2. Do an Interview. Take the time to interview your possible MC. It is crucial that your personalities connect;

  3. Check their references, not just testimonials. This will help you separate the professionals from the amateurs.

  4. Inquire with your Venue They might have some valuable input as well.

Professional Wedding MC
Photo courtesy of Troy St. Louis

If a professional MC just isn’t in your budget, here are some tips to get the feel of a professional MC without breaking the bank:

  • Keep it in the Family: If you choose a personal friend or family member to MC, make sure to provide them with the reception timeline, a clear indication of what they should say (also what they should not say) and when to say it. Choose someone who is organized, comfortable with public speaking and has the personality to keep your guests entertained

  • Consider Your DJ: In most cases, a DJ is a guaranteed wedding expense, so hiring one who can also be the MC for the night is your best bet on saving money. Choose a DJ that is outgoing and has the charisma to energize a room full of your guests. Don't forget to ask for references as many DJs will claim they can also MC!

  • Bring Your Planner into the Loop: Work with your Wedding Planner to recommend a MC who won't break your bank. In many cases, your Planner may be able to work with the MC to see if its possible to keep costs down. Your Planner should also be able to help you save in other areas so that a professional MC becomes affordable.

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