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Expert Tip: Wedding Trends 2012: Engagement Photo Sessions


Get creative and think outside the box……Engagement Photo Session Trends for 2012

Let's be honest - the one wedding vendor decision that will live on with you for years to come is your photographer. Their style, expertise and vision will be the one element with tangible remains once the Big Day is over, so you want to be sure you get it right!

Wedding Engagement Photography

How? Consider an engagement photo session. This is the perfect way to help you get to know your photographer, become comfortable and ensure your personalities mesh prior to the wedding. After all you’ll be spending just as much time with them at your wedding as with your bridesmaids!

When it comes to trends for engagement photo sessions – 2012 is all about creativity!

This year, couples are choosing a location or activity that has some meaning for them. So think outside the box - it's great for photographers to explore a new location, and keeps things fresh and interesting for you as well.

Whether your session is done in a small town or an art gallery, remember that the best shoots include a little piece of you in the mix. Work with your photographer to get some unique ideas and really try to think of something that reflects your style!

Still feeling a little intimidated by the idea of a photo session focused on two of you?

Don't be – here are 4 reasons to have an engagement photo session:

Wedding Engagement Photography

  1. You’ll Be Able To Build a Relationship.
    Spending time with your photographers prior to the Wedding Day will help you get to know each other and increase your trust level. When you trust your photographers, it's easier for them to do their job, and your comfort level will shine through in the photos.

  2. You’ll Get to Understand the Process.
    How many people have had someone follow them around with a camera for a few hours, lens pointed at them the entire time? It's a pretty foreign concept for most couples, and it's difficult to know what to expect. Engagement sessions are the best way for you to get a taste of the creative process and really understand your photographer's style first hand.

    Plus, you'll gain an understanding of the way they work, and learn to trust in their vision. This trust and understanding will come in handy on your wedding day, as it will give your photographer the space to work freely, and put the two of you at ease.

  3. You’ll Have Some Unique, Casual Photos of the Two of You Together!
    We've all got the standard 'hold out your arm and shoot' images of us with our partner. And hey, they're fun - but they aren't really hang up on your wall and boast material.

    Having an engagement session will give you a variety of creative, unique photos that really reflect your style as a couple. Best of all, you're in your regular clothes, being you, and showcasing your personalities. It's a perfect gift for yourselves and a great break from planning!

  4. You'll Have Something Special to Share with your Guests.
    Photos from the session make for conversation pieces at the wedding reception. Showcase a few images, or have your photographer put together a Guest Book of photos from the shoot. Guests can leave their well wishes for you inside, making it a great keepsake as well!

Wedding Engagement Photography

How to Find An Engagement Photo Session For Less
Talk to your photographer about booking a session when you sign them for your wedding. Most companies offer discounts for couples choosing this option as an add-on. After all, it’s a great asset for both the couple and photographer!

Check out more great engagement photo shots on our Pinterest!

Wedding Engagement Photography

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