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Expert Tip: Wedding Trends 2012: Destination Weddings


Getting Away from it All...Destination Wedding Trends for 2012!

Destination weddings are known for having a no fuss, no muss quality to them. You simply buy a package from a resort, show up and on arrival receive a beautiful romantic wedding.

This is perfect for many couples; but one of the biggest trends we’re seeing for destination weddings in 2012 is the addition of unique elements to the standard package.

Destination Wedding Trends

We're seeing couples personalizing their destination wedding with special touches, like incorporating the culture of the location into the weddings with traditional dancers, musicians and food. If you want to take it a step further and really add your own unique touch, consider getting married off the resort!

One last trend we’re seeing with destination weddings is that the celebration lasts longer than just the wedding day. Couples are choosing to include extra parties and special outings for their guests.

Destination weddings are definitely becoming bigger affairs with lots of personalized details and guests ready to have a great time. If you want to move beyond the typical resort wedding package for your destination wedding, here are 9 things to keep in mind to help you plan that perfect personalized destination wedding, without breaking the bank!

  1. Choose Local Products.
    Many popular Destination wedding locations import items such as food, flowers, décor, etc. from the United States. You can get almost anything you want to make a wedding your own; but to help avoid paying higher shipping costs choose locally produced products.

  2. Plan for an Off Season Wedding.
    Travel can be expensive during the holidays and at peak travel times. Choosing dates when travel is slow can save you money. After the holidays in January or in September after school has started are good options.

  3. Choose Local Wedding Vendors. Use local wedding vendors whenever possible. They know the location and services available best, and might be able to negotiate better deals for you..

  4. Consider Hotel Alternatives.
    Renting a villa or condos can be a great option. It often works out to cost less per person than hotel rooms and can make incorporating your special elements much easier.

  5. Buy Favors Locally.
    If you are giving your guests a welcome bag or favors, buy the items at the destination. It will cost less and you will save money on extra baggage fees. Plus, nothing says authentic and unique like something purchased in the destination

  6. Choose planners with Local Connections.
    If you are hiring a wedding planner from home, choose someone who has a partnership with a known travel agency and someone in the destination who can assist with the planning details. These connections will give you the inside track on special offers by hotels or tour operators.

  7. Do a Site Visit Before Selecting Your Wedding Venue.
    This will allow you to meet potential vendors in person. If you have a wedding planner bring them as well. Remember, making informed choices always ends up costing you less in the long run. Plus, it will be a nice little break before the big day!

  8. Know What's Included in Your Package.
    If you choose to have a resort wedding, you need to know that many advertised "free weddings" don’t include décor and most require an additional per person fee for extra guests.

  9. Ask The Right Questions.
    Not all resorts allow for their packages to be customized. So ask the resort what their rules are before committing to any location.

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