July 29, 2010, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Expert Budget Tip: 10 Tips to Make Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcome


I believe that when you invite guests to your wedding you should give them the same hospitality you would if you had invited them into your home.

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Often, out-of-town-guests have traveled a long way to attend your wedding, so I've compiled a list of 10 cost effective things you can easily do to help your guests feel welcome.

Top 10 Ways to Make Guests Feel Welcome

  1. Help guests arrive safely. If your guests are driving send them detailed directions, so they can get to their hotel without losing their way. If possible, arrange someone to pick guests up from the airport.

  2. Get a group rate at a local hotel. This way guests can be together, mingle, and when you visit them they’re all in one location. Also, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to arrange a discount.

  3. Book a hospitality suite. If you got a group rate you can then request that the hotel provide a hospitality suite at little or no additional cost.

    Fill the hospitality suite with snacks, drinks, newspapers, games, etc. To save on this expense purchase these items at a local dollar store or Costco.

  4. Host a get-together. Welcome guests from out-of-town to your city with a gathering. You don't have to throw a fancy party, but you can host your get-together in the hospitality suite or at a friend or relative’s home.

  5. Create a welcome package. Include maps, coupons, information on attractions, and restaurant recommendations in your welcome package. You can pick up a lot of this information for free at the local tourism office.

    Also, include details of the wedding schedule and even refreshments like a bottle of water and some munchies. Ask the hotel staff to place these in your guests' rooms.

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  6. Welcome package delivery. Drop off the welcome packages to guests who are not staying at a hotel. Why not also include some mini-toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, etc?

  7. Suggest a walking tour. Research or download some walking tours you think your guests will enjoy.

    Wedding Guests on a Walking Tour

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  8. Look into CityPass. You can purchase passes for your guests if you live in a city included in the CityPass program. This pass will get guests into local museums and attractions for free.

  9. Contact the Concierge. If the hotel your guests are staying at has a concierge, make sure he or she knows wedding details like; where you’re registered, your wedding time-line, and your wedding/reception venue details.

  10. Give great directions for your wedding day. Provide guests with detailed directions to the wedding/reception venue(s). Create a map for free at Wedding Mapper.


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