Testimonials for SmartBride Boutique 

Testimonials for SmartBride Boutique's Individual Services:

If you would like to submit a testimonial to the SmartBride site, please e-mail info@smartbrideboutique.com with your success story, name and hometown.

"Thank you Smart Bride Boutique! I'm not a technically savvy person at all but uploading images and filling out the online form was so easy. I cannot believe how fast I sold my dress - it was gone in les3 weeks, sold to the third girl who came to look at it!" - Gen, Toronto, ON
"I began my hunt for a wedding dress with a number of visits to bridal shops. I couldn't quite find what I was envisioning and soon I was being told that I would be paying extra to have an ordered dress shipped in time, even though this was 6 months prior to the wedding. I decided to try looking through local classifieds online and in the first week I literally found my dream dress posted for sale by another bride in Toronto.

Coincidentally, I only had to drive 10 minutes to view the dress and walked away with it right then. I was able to buy the designer dress that I wanted (but steered away from because of $$$$), and even after the cleaning and alterations, I saved over $2000. The original bride even referred me to the seamstress who altered the dress for her, and she was able to fit it to me perfectly. In the end I saved months of time, effort, dollars and stress! Overall, it was a great experience, and that's when the hunt for the tux began. . ." - Happily married in Toronto, ON
"Your template forms are easy to use for entering all the detailed info. I think you have an excellent site for selling wedding related items. Glad to know security is important to your system--it certainly is important to me." - Linda, Houston, TX
"I was looking for a local and reliable service to sell my beloved wedding gown. After searching on a lot of possible sites, I came across SmartBrideBoutique.com. It was very easy to use and I loved that it was a Toronto-based company. My trust in this company was further established when I personally spoke to one of the owners, Andrea, who was very helpful in explaining the process involved in selling a gown. Also, Andrea helped me to size my images so they could be properly posted on my ad. Any time I had questions or was in need of some help with my ad, Andrea was prompt in her response. I would truly recommend Smart Bride for anyone looking for a straightforward, trustworthy place to buy or sell a wedding gown and other such items. Thanks again Andrea!" - Jenn, Toronto, ON
"I am so happy SmartBride Boutique is finally here. I can't wait to post all my extra wedding decorations, favors and accessories to help other brides stay on budget. They've been taking up valuable space in my basement! I think SmartBride Boutique is a great way to help brides save money even after the wedding is over! AND I feel like I'm doing my part for the environment too." - Tabbi, Edmonton, AB
"I wish this site existed 6 months ago when I was planning my wedding! It's Amazing!" - Heather W., Toronto, ON
"Several of my childhood girlfriends are up and getting married in rapid fire succession. In less than 18 months I will have attended 8 weddings AND was a bridesmaid in 3 of those weddings. Needless to say, the cost of simply attending a wedding is on the rise, but as a bridesmaid I've had to bear additional costs of purchasing the bridesmaid dress and often, a matching pair of shoes.

I have at least a $1000 worth of bridesmaid dresses in my closet, and no events in the near future where I might be able to wear them. It's a shame to have all that money tied up in my closet, not to mention the effect on the environment of buying such a beautiful dress and only wearing it once. Luckily, the days of hideous bridesmaid dresses are long gone and any one of these dresses would probably make a stunning prom dress or a cocktail dress for a black tie event.

In the last wedding, I was one of... get this... 14 bridesmaids. I'm pretty sure most of us will have no further use for these bridesmaid dresses. It occurred to me, that even if we split up the dresses into 2 groups of 7 for sale, we could clothe TWO smaller bridal parties of varying shapes and sizes!

SmartBride Boutique is such an amazing site because its allows bridesmaids to cut their costs by helping out a fellow bridesmaid. Just because the bride may want to break the bank on her wedding, doesn't mean you have to!" - Career Bridesmaid, Toronto, ON

Testimonials for SmartBride Boutique's Retailer Services:

"Signing up with SmartBrideBoutique.com was one of the smartest decisions we ever made! It only took a few minutes to set up our account and start listing dresses. Within an hour of having dresses posted, we could see that we were already getting views and interest in our listings. We sold our first dress in less than a week of opening our account and have already sold 4 dresses within 3 months. 

Even better, the whole sales process is much faster when brides come in via the site because we both already know what they’re looking for and what to expect. SmartBrideBoutique.com has been the perfect way to reach brides that we have not been able to reach before!" 

~ bliss bride, San Francisco


"Smartbrideboutique has been an easy to use, sure way to sell our sample gowns. We have sold approximately 15 gowns in 9 months. Creating a listing takes less than 5 minutes. 

Leah and the entire Smartbride staff has been a pleasure to work with. They update the site and respond quickly and efficiently to customer service requests. We have enjoyed our smartbride experience!" 

~ The Exquisite Bride, Pennsylvania


"For years I have looked for ways to sell discontinued samples. I've tried numerous websites with little success. So, I admit, I was skeptical when I saw your E-mail for Smart Bride Boutique. When you called, your friendly professionalism and reasonable prices convinced me to try again. 

My computer skills are basic. Your patience, helpfulness and simple to navigate site were wonderful. I sold 2 gowns within 10 days and had a very satisfying experience with both brides. 

Listing more gowns became fun and watching the hits on each gown was a thrill. I now look at my samples with a return on investment. Where have you been during my 42 year career in bridal? Thank you Leah and smartbrideboutique.com." 

~ Dior Bridal Salon, Minnesota