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SmartBride Survey:

We surveyed over 500 Canadian women to get their take on Weddings in Canada. How much do they think a wedding costs? How much would they spend on a dress? Would they consider wearing a gently used wedding gown to save money, or save the environment?

With the cost of weddings on the rise, Brides are increasingly feeling the pressure to plan the perfect wedding day, often beyond their financial means. As expectations continue to soar, and budgets often decrease or remain the same, Brides are getting creative! Canadian women are willing to buy and sell used wedding gowns, accessories and decorations in order to keep their budgets in check. As the eco/green trends start to become mainstream, Brides are concerned about incurring shipping costs of attire and items only being used for one day. SmartBride Boutique aims to offer brides past and present a way to save on their wedding, recoup wedding costs, and make eco-friendly choices.

The response to our survey was overwhelming , and the results very encouraging. We hope you find the survey results helpful when researching your advertising options. If you have questions about the survey results, or would like additional information , don't hesitate to contact us at

General Information on Canadian Brides:

Source: Weddingbells’ annual Reader Survey.

Canadian Brides to Be:


  • Average age is 29 among engaged women in Canada
  • 71% already live with their fiancé/significant other

Wedding Planning:

  • Average expected cost is $17,300
  • 56% of weddings occur between July and September: July (18%), August (20%), September (18%)
  • 44% of engagements occur between December and February: December (25%), January (7%), February (12%)
  • The average reader is engaged and planning her wedding for more than 10 months

Decisions related to key purchases are confirmed several months prior to the wedding:

  • 10-12 months: Ceremony Location, Bridal Gown, Photographer
  • 7-9 months: Wedding Cake, Florist, Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridal Shoes, DJ
  • 3-6 months: Gift Registry, Groom’s Formalwear, Limo Service, Hair Salon, Honeymoon Location

Budget breakdown based on anticipated costs:

  • Reception venue = $6,015 (will pay up to $7,200)
  • Bridal gown = $975 (will pay up to $1,335)
  • Wedding bands = $1,450 (will pay up to $1,900)
  • Stationery = $300 (will pay up to $400)
  • Wedding cake = $340 (will pay up to $440)
  • Florist = $805 (will pay up to $1,000)
  • Guest favours = $330 (will pay up to $420)
  • Honeymoon = $3,735 (will pay up to $4,710)
Source: Weddingbells’ annual Reader Survey.

Recently married Brides:

The Honeymoon:

  • The average honeymoon lasts 8.8 nights away from home
  • 67% plan to spend their honeymoon outside of Canada
  • 56% plan to stay at an all-inclusive resort


  • Average household income after marriage is $70,036
  • 46% of engaged women plan to move to a new residence within the next 12 months
  • Almost one quarter expect to buy a new vehicle within the next 12 months
Source: Weddingbells’ annual Reader Survey. Read the full survey

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