Dec. 26, 2012, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Wedding Workouts: How to get in shape for your wedding


Hey there Brides-to-be!

Because destination wedding gowns are often slimmer, lower, tighter and sometimes sexier, it's time to start your wedding workout routine! We've enlisted Sammie Kennedy of Booty Camp Fitness to share her tips on how to get started, stay motivated, target trouble spots and eat well leading up to your big day.

Obsessed With The Dress Booty Camp by SmartBride Boutique
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Tips for targeting wedding dress trouble spots:

  • Want Arms Like Michelle Obama?

  • Bare a Beautiful Back!

  • Nutrition & Dieting Tips:

  • Soup's On!

  • Beet the Boredom of Salad.

  • Fun with Focaccia

  • General tips on how to get and stay motivated!

  • Three Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Fitness Efforts

  • Need M.E.N. For Your Big Day?

  • Three Tips That Lead To Fitness Success

  • Don't got it alone! What to look for in a workout routine:

    When it comes to working out, sometimes it's tough to go it alone. Why not rally up your bridal party and get tight and toned for the big day together? You wouldn't be the first bride we've seen at Booty Camp!

    Obsessed With The Dress Booty Camp by SmartBride Boutique

    Statistically, people who exercise in a group setting work out 50% more than those who don't. Know what that means? BETTER RESULTS. (Translation: visibly toned body that looks hot and makes you feel even more confident!)

    If you and your gals are going to get fit together, here are some things to look for in a workout regime:

    • A balance of cardio and resistance training
    • A fun, friendly fitness environment that you're excited about going to
    • Somewhere that provides regular fitness assessments so you can measure your progress
    • A place that offers group-rates so you can work out at a fraction of the cost

    Obsessed With The Dress Booty Camp by SmartBride Boutique


    About our Guest Blogger: Sammie Kennedy
    Sammie Kennedy started Booty Camp Fitness in 2007. In three short years the business has grown to more than 90 locations across Canada because of her focus on fun, friendly fitness that keeps ladies coming back for more.

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