Jan. 26, 2010, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Tip from the Expert: What is Included in Wedding Invitations?


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Today's tip is from Laura K Design.

One of the things I find many couples aren’t clear on when they come for an initial consultation is the idea of what is included in a wedding invitation and this is because there are often many variations. Sometime everything is a la carte and other times you can get package options.

While I can't speak for all invitation companies, the general rule of thumb for most invitation sets sees a basic package including the following:

  • Invitation + envelope

  • Reply card + envelope

Laura K Design

Some couples opt not to send a reply card, choosing to have guests RSVP by phone or email so a 2 piece package (with just the invitation and envelope) is also available. Still others choose to have the reply card be a postcard, so that paper is minimized, but something is still returned via the mail. As you can see, it is really all about personal preference!

All other items (or finishing touches as I call them) such as envelope addressing, maps, programs, place cards, menus (the list is literally endless – and so much fun!) are priced separately because each couples needs and budgets are different.

About Laura K
Laura K Beauparlant has been working as a professional graphic designer for 11 years and started her business, Laura K Design over 6 years ago. She specializes in bold, modern and beautifully different invitations and has become a subject matter expert on everything to do with wedding stationery.

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