March 20, 2013, 10 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Sweet & Sustainable Espadrilles for the Whole Bridal Party


Are you having a spring, summer or destination wedding? We've found the perfect ethical, sustainable and well... totally styling wedding accessory for you.

The dynamic duo behind Alice & Whittles is out to change the world one pair of shoes at a time. No, it's not just another Toms... Founders Sofi and Nick have worked for the United Nations in Asia, North Africa and Europe and have seen first hand the amazing skills and ingenuity present in many third world countries despite few resources. They designed a product and a manufacturing process to directly aid the types of global citizens they worked so closely with along the way.

Take a look at their video below and you'll see not only the passion for a new way of responsible consumerism, but an incredible strategy behind a for-profit company helping to change the world, one pair of shoes at a time. Already sold on the idea? Pre-order Now!

From organic farming and hand weaving in India to artisan manufacturers in France, Alice & Whittle espadrilles are a simple shoe, made with respect.

What makes Alice & Whittles so cool? Sustainable Development

An alternative to charity. Supporting marginalized communities by promoting local skills and traditions, these ways:

  • Fair trade. Purchasing hand-woven canvas from weaving co-ops at fair trade prices.

  • Social responsibility. Providing health insurance, training, low-cost infrastructure and no interest advance payments through local NGOs.

  • Accountability. Working directly with the people who have a hand in making our product, so they benefit from the sale.

If you want to support the cause AND look wicked-cool on your wedding day, here's how to buy:
Just the Bride - $89 USD:
EMBROIDERED: Receive one pair of embroidered espadrilles - perfect for dancing the night away at your reception or a walk down the ocean front aisle. You'll also receive a shoe bag and a thank you email or tweet. International shipping available. Estimated delivery: Jun 2013 Buy now

For just the bride and groom - $159 USD:
LE DOUBLE 2: Receive two pairs of espadrilles. For your first pair choose between bright colours or bold prints. For your second pair receive embroidered espadrilles - a good option if your weekend away includes an evening out. You'll also get two shoe bags to pack them in and a thank you email or tweet. International shipping available. Estimated delivery: Jun 2013 Buy now

For the whole wedding party - $796 USD:
THE WEDDING PARTY: Planning a destination wedding? Pledge £525 and receive ten pairs to dress the wedding party: five embroidered pairs for the girls + five pairs for the guys in bright colors and/or bold prints. You'll receive shoe bags with each pair of espadrilles and a thanks you / congratulations email or tweet! International shipping available. Estimated delivery: Jun 2013 Buy now

Size Chart:

White Embroidered


How do I choose the color / print and shoe size?
Once our campaign is successful, we'll send you an email requesting your desired colors / prints and shoe sizes. We'll also request the address that you would like your espadrilles shipped to.

Is Alice & Whittles certified Organic and Fair Trade?

We are currently working with organic farmers and adhering to principles of Fair Trade. We will continue to do so even prior to obtaining the official certification because these principles are fundamentally important to the sustainable development of the communities we work in. Currently, through local NGOs we are paying fair prices for our canvas, supporting health insurance and capacity building for the farmers and weavers we work with and engaged in R&D to support improvements in our environmental sustainability (eg. developing methods of producing non chemical dyes for our canvas). We are building long term partnerships with our producers and will be deeply engaged in the supply chain; taking into consideration fair pay, working conditions, advance payments, improving the relative position of women and other disadvantaged groups and continued improvement in environmental standards while building and retaining the trust of our buyers and end consumers.

When is my card charged?
If this project is successfully funded, your card will be charged on Tuesday Apr 2, 2:22pm EDT, along with all the other backers of this project.

How can I pay?
Visa, Mastercard or AMEX

For more information, you can find Alice and Whittles on:
and on our website.