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Real Green Destination Wedding: Tying the Knot in Tulum


Olivia and Guillaume were married on March 23rd, 2012 at Aki'in Beach Club in Tulum, Mexico.

This wonderful couple met in New York about 10 years ago. She is American, he is French-Mexican. They came to Tulum when it was still a hippy spot with its simple “cabañas” on the beach and shared bathrooms. When Guillaume proposed to Olivia, they were both thinking of the special spot that Tulum has in their heart and decided to tie the knot on this wonderful beach. They were married under a two-pole canopy facing the sea, decorated with curlys and lisanthius flowers. It was a simple, elegant and eco-chic design!

Eco-Chic Wedding in Tulum

Our friends at The Green Bride Guide are sharing a few ways this couple managed to use sustainable and natural materials in their wedding!

  1. Eco-Accomodations
    The bride and groom chose to stay at Coqui Coqui, a hotel and spa equipped with a solar panel system and unique interior decor. This beautiful hotel also makes their own perfume!

  2. Attire & Accessories
    Guillaume wore a simple boutonniere wrapped in twine. Their wedding date was embroidered onto his jacket. Olivia wore a simple open back dress with classic pearls. Her bouquet consisted of lisanthius and succulents bundled together with sustainable fabric.

    Olivia's Wedding Dress & Accessories

  3. The Rings
    The newlyweds chose simple metal rings with no stones in them. These simple and understated rings are both modern and stylish pieces.

    Simple & Stylish Rings

  4. Decor
    The tables at the reception were covered in long rustic wooden structures used as vases and clay pots with succulents were handed out to guests as favors.

  5. The Venue
    For the dinner and reception, the party moved a few steps from the beach to the palapa. The palapa, a spanish word of mayan origin meaning "pulpous leaf" is an open sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves. The interior was lit with LED lights and handmade papel picado, or decorative paper cut into elaborate designs. Guests enjoyed a night under the stars and the sound of the waves right near them. The decor and the palapa used all natural materials and there was no wasteful decorating.

    Tulum Palapa Venue

  6. First Dance & Final Thoughts
    The entire wedding danced on petates, or a bedroll woven from the fibers of a palm. Destination Weddings Tulum rents the petates from local vendors for use at weddings. The bride and groom were able to revisit a beloved spot of theirs while keeping their impact on the area to a minimum thanks to green planning. By hosting a simple and beautiful wedding on the beach with all natural materials and decor, the couple came together with family and friends to enjoy a special day that was sustainable and chic all at once!

    Tulum Palapa Venue

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