Feb. 3, 2011, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Inspiration: Budget Friendly Grooms


How easily we forget about the groom.

These poor guys... they buy an engagement ring and get lost in the flurry of planning. They're the ones that got the ball rolling on this shin dig, remember!?

So, here's my little vow to not forget the groom. Gentlemen, I appreciate the cojones (yes, I said it) it took to cough up the cash to buy that diamond, then to give her that diamond. That's a big bleepin' deal and you go boy.

So boys, this is for you... some cool and budget-friendly inspiration:

Budget Friendly Grooms

From top left to bottom right: Weddingbee.com, Amazon.com, TheOceansideBride.com, TheKnot.com

1. The Threads:
You don't have to wear a tux... hell, you don't even have to wear a suit. Groom, this is your wedding too! You can go for comfort in a lighter suit (as seen above) or forget the jacket. Groom, you're lucky. At most places, if your buddies rent their tuxes, yours is free. Lucky dog.

2. The Ring:
Guess how much this bad boy costs? This is an 8mm comfort fit titanium wedding band with two grooves... and it's only $12.95 from Amazon. That's a steal... and it's sexy. I love the look of titanium... you should too. I feel like it's more manly. (no offense to those non-titanium wearing grooms, I'm just sayin')

3. The Man Flowers:
Cutest little bout ever! Groom, here's what I said in groom-speak: these flowers are small and cheap and not feminine and you pin them to your jacket (or shirt) the day of. Best thing ever: easily made. DIY it. Flowers, a feather (or not, that's fine too), some floral tape and a straight pin... voila!

4. The Shoes:
Lastly, these kicks are probably pretty pricy (as they're spiffy and customized), but let's be honest... you don't have to rent shoes if you don't want to, and these snazzy sneaks can be worn again. As I said off the top, remember, this is your wedding too.

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About our Guest Blogging Bride-to-Be Nicole:

Nicole didn't think a thing about Mr. Man when they met. Not a thing. Two whole years later, he gathered up the courage to ask her out. She, completely disinterested, nervously accepted. After all, he was a nice enough guy. One date turned into several, and after being surprised at work one day (and getting some serious butterflies), Nicole knew she was in trouble. Almost five years later, they're finally tying the knot; throwing one hell of a party with one little caveat... they're only spending $10,000. Follow her posts to learn more about the couple, to pick up a few DIY tips and tricks, and to see exactly how they plan on celebrating their Big Day for $10K!.