Sept. 14, 2010, 6 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Inspiration: Brie & Dan's Cool Winter Wedding


Thanks to Kiss My Flash Photography we're able to share some cool winter wedding photos with you. We hope you're inspired by these shots from Sabrina and Daniel's sapphire and silver wedding in Vancouver, BC.

We love how the accent color really pops in these photos! Notice how the sapphire blue subtly appears in all the details, right down to Brie's gorgeous eye makeup.

Bride's Veil - Vancouver Winter Wedding

Image Courtesy of Kiss My Flash Photography. Copyright: Kiss My Flash Photography 2009.

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Vancouver Winter Wedding - Bri and Dan's Groomsmen

Brie knew right away that she wanted something a little different for her wedding. Both she and Dan love winter, so they decided to take a chance on a winter wedding. In fact, they were hoping for snow!

Bride and Groom by the Ocean

Vancouver Church Wedding

Father Tepoorten (an old family friend) married Brie and Dan at Our Lady of Fatima church. Aside from their relationship with the priest, Brie and Dan loved the church for its fabulous architecture and stunning altar.

The ceremony and reception were held in the same location, so guests didn't have to travel far between events. After the ceremony everyone proceeded to a building nearby for a fun-filled evening and a hearty Italian meal.

Bri and Dan's Blue and White Table Setting - Vancouver Winter Wedding

Bride Greets Guests - Vancouver Winter Wedding

Dan & Bri's Winter Wedding - Courtesy of Kiss My Flash Photography

All Images Courtesy of Kiss My Flash Photography. Copyright: Kiss My Flash Photography 2009.

Photographer's Final Thoughts:

Kat enjoyed shooting this wedding and especially loves the lake shots because of the stark winter landscape. There wasn't much time for the couple to get shots after the ceremony, so the original post-ceremony photo session plan was scrapped and the photos were taken at a nearby park instead.

The path to the lake was muddy and the newlyweds and photographers were in fits of giggles as they carried Brie’s skirts across the puddles and finally had her stand on a park bench in order to stay clean. When they arrived at the lake it was gorgeous, half frozen over and glistened in the sunlight.

Kat recalls that Brie and Dan, " were up for anything. They left most of the direction in our hands and said they were looking for something unique and authentic that they could share with their children."

While shooting the ceremony and reception Kat was struck by the couples attention to detail, like Brie's delicate jewelry, the Sapphire saris worn by the bridesmaids, and the wonderful and warm reception meal.

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