March 25, 2010, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

How to Create Your Dream Wedding Registry


Sorting through the wedding registry options out there can be overwhelming, especially when there are many other wedding planning details that require your attention! That's why we're providing you with 3 registry ideas to inspire you as you create a registry that is unique to you and that suits your needs as a couple.

GreenKarat Wedding Bands

As lovely as fine china and specialty appliances are, you may not really need these items and instead would rather have friends and family put cash towards a big ticket item. If you currently live away from home or if you are already living together prior to getting married, you likely already have more than one set of household items and may wish to forego traditional registries. That's where our first 2 registry ideas come in:

1. Cash Registries
Cash registries are a great option for couples who want to use their registry to pay for their honeymoon. Deposit a Gift is a fantastic online registry site that allows couples to easily create a registry where loved ones can gift cash to pay for items or events.

If you use Deposit a Gift to create a honeymoon registry for example, you can break down the cost of your trip into events like 'our flight', 'a day at the market', or a 'one night stay at the ocean front villa'. By grouping items in this way your relatives can see where their money is going and you can thank them later by telling them all about the adventure they paid for or even provide them with photos from your trip. We've found that many people like this option because it allows the couple to share an experience and make a memory, which is such a special part of the honeymoon. Check out a sample honeymoon registry here.

Cash registries are practical and can help you to ensure that you get exactly what you need and want, especially if what you want can't be purchased at a store. You can use your registry to help with the down payment for your first home or to renovate the home you already own. The options are endless if you find creative ways to make the most of your wedding registry.

2. Unique Registries
There are lots of other unique registries out there. One of the green registries that we love is MyKarat by GreenKarat. MyKarat’s registry provides the tools for your loved ones to recycle their unwanted jewellery on your behalf. You invite them to your own personal registry page, where they'll learn how they can be a part of your GreenKarat wedding bands. The value of the gold your friends and family collect will be applied to the cost of your new rings, with any excess value donated to a charity of your choosing.

3. Traditional Wedding Registries
Traditional registries are an excellent option for couples who need to upgrade their appliances or don't have the furnishings they need. You could use a traditional registry to finally furnish that guest bedroom, so your loved ones have a comfortable place to stay when they visit. Also, some of your relatives may prefer to buy you 'things' or may not be comfortable contributing to online registries. To make your registry work for you be mindful of the people who will be contributing, remember what it is that you really need, and try not to go crazy with that registry scanner.