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How to Avoid a Really BORING Destination Wedding Video


Your destination wedding has been in the works for months. You've planned every detail, right down to those special Chiaviari cushions that the resort is tying onto each chair for you. So what will you have to show for it a year later?

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Source: Storymix Media.

Wedding photos are fantastic, but the photographer most likely won't be with you from the airport through the entire week of your trip. Here are some tips from our friends at Storymix to help you capture all the fun moments on video from your entire destination wedding experience.

  1. How to Avoid a Really BORING Destination Wedding Video

    I'm sure you've probably seen those videos with endless clips of "Congrats" "We Wish You The Best". Ugh. You have to help your friends with a few interview questions. Some people get a little shy when in front of a camera. At Storymix, we send out a list of fun interview questions for the guests. With questions like "How can he get out of the doghouse?", "How should she sweet talk him?" and "Share a funny story about the groom" you'll get some really fun answers. For more questions to use, download our free guest interview questions card.

    We've seen our brides come up with really fun and creative video ideas for their destination with things like...

    • Create a video guestbook

    • Have guests film their answers from all the different airports

    • Invite family and friends who cannot attend the wedding to contribute video so it can be edited into a wedding video or shown on a laptop at the wedding

    • Have a video scavenger hunt with specific moments or items you'd like included

    Our WeddingMix app has a built-in, customizable shot list which makes it super easy to create the scavenger hunt with items like:

    • Interview guest from another city

    • Our parent's faces during the first dance

    • Sorority dance (uncensored)

    • DJ spinning your favorite dance song

    • A blue handmade decoration

    Lastly, make sure you take all those clips and actually DO something with them. Nothing is more useless than a bunch of numbered files sitting on your friends' hard drives. Set up a way to get the clips from them ahead of time. Don't email or text the videos (they'll be super low resolution). Then plan on either editing the video yourself on a program like iMovie or using a service like Storymix. The end goal is to get an edited video you'll actually watch on your anniversary every year.

  2. Logistics and video tips

    • Don't leave it to destiny. Ask some specific people to film fun moments during the week. Leaving a camera on a table doesn't always work.

    • Be sure to have, or rent cameras and smartphones with video available (fully charged)

    • Make sure all phone/camera chargers work in the electrical system at your destination

    • Cup your hand around the microphone if it's a windy day or the waves or noisy

    • Film with the sun behind YOU, not the person you are filming (silhouettes are cute, but not in video)

    • Hold the camera so the video is wider than it is tall (like a TV)

    Filming at a beach isn't always ideal, but how could you live without this moment caught on video at Dana and Kevin's wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun in Puerto Morelos, Mexico?

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