Nov. 6, 2012, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Have you backed up your wedding photos?


For a day you plan and obssess over for months, your wedding day can sure go by in the blink of an eye. At, we are always preaching that if there is one place to splurge in your budget, it's on photography.

Your photos are your lasting memory of every guest's smile, glimmer in your groom's eye, tear rolling down your father's cheek and much much more.

Once you have collected all of your photos from your professional photographer, guests and maybe even your own smartphone (seriously, no live tweeting your wedding though), the next step is to figure out how you're going to store and share them.

Most of us are not into putting all of our photos up on Facebook and other public photo sharing websites that allow prying eyes to creep on our most intimate day. And, more importantly, very few of us have thought of a back up plan should our computers crash.

My Shoebox wedding photographs back up

That's where MyShoebox comes in! Read on for more information, and enter to win 6 months of professional photo storage from My ShoeBox.

Steve Cosman got married last summer, twice! One ceremony in Toronto and one in Romania (where his wife's family is from). What he found was that people were constantly asking to see his wedding photos and he didn't necessarily want to put all of his pictures up on a photo sharing site or have his laptop on him at all times. So he quit his job at Microsoft and built MyShoebox, a simple product that keeps all of your photos privately backed up, while allowing you to access them from your phone or tablet.

MyShoebox, is a FREE application that gives you:

  • An unlimited photo backup plan

  • Access your photo collection from your Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android without taking up storage space

  • Automatically backup to keep your photos safe from your computer or phone crashing

  • Cool new ways to browse your old photos including natural language search and camera view

JMy Shoebox photo back up application

MyShoebox ensures that pictures from your special day are safely stored forever so that device failures and computer swaps don't leave you pictureless! You will never be caught without your wedding photos; you can access them on any computer, mobile device or tablet.

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