Feb. 22, 2013, noon by SMARTBRIDE

Harlem Shake Wedding Styles - Are we done yet?


You know how much we love a good internet meme worming it's way into weddings...
(horse mask anyone?).

The Harlem Shake has hit full force, and I think we can all be thankful that it landed BEFORE the major wedding season so we don't have to endure it all summer.

Here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Storm Troopers Shake it Harlem Style

  2. Also - love those bridesmaid dresses!

  3. Harlem Shake Indian Wedding

  4. This girl can dance! And as usual, more colorful and amazing outfits than any North American wedding will ever see.

  5. Apparently the Original? Who can believe these Youtube titles anyway?

  6. So impressed with the girl in the red dress. So serious, and perfectly composed!

  7. Black Tie Wedding Harlem Shake

  8. Best kid ever. Serious rhythm PLUS he busts out the armpit fart. Classic. Love this guy.

  9. Harlem Shake From the Knot

  10. Can't forget these cuties. love that they have champagne on hand in that office at any given moment.

  11. Harlem Shake From My Wedding

  12. Tie for the cutest (best Grandpa ever and his delightful little dance partner) and creepiest (man stroking cat) video participants.