July 21, 2010, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Expert Budget Tip: Child Friendly Venue Options


Summer is here and weddings are in full bloom, which means you’re probably faced with the #1 wedding season dilemma, “What to do with the children?"

Little Party-Goers Helping Kids Get Creative With Projects At The Wedding

Photo courtesy of Little Party-Goers

Read on to learn how you can ensure everyone has a fun night...

Little Guests Get Creative:

If you're planning on having children at your wedding or reception, try to select a venue with extra space available, such as a bridal suite or even a table in the back corner and designate that area for your little guests.

  • Project Prep - Save cash on craft supplies by collecting recyclable items from home such as: egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, socks (to make puppets), ribbons, construction paper, glue etc.

  • Projects for Little Guests - Set-up the young guests area with your reusable home items and let little imaginations get wild and creative. Have your little guests create a puppet theatre by using a cardboard box. They could also create a spaceship, giant computer, electric guitar or anything else they come up with...the possibilities for fun are endless.

  • Projects for Young Adults - If you have guests who are 13 years-of-age or older, you could have them volunteer to supervise the younger children if possible.

  • Dance-a-thon - When the dancing starts encourage your little guests to join the dance floor with their families and have a dance-a-thon, this will definitely make for a fun night filled with several cherished memories!

Little Party Goers Suggest Recycled Craft Supplies for Children

Photo courtesy of Little Party-Goers

Little Guests Get Active:

If have selected a venue with access to a separate room or bridal suite the children will be able to participate in more lively activities.

  • Play - Children could play musical chairs using venue chairs, hot cross buns with a ball from home, or pin the tail on the donkey by making their own donkey (using paper, crayons, tape and scissors).

  • Relax - At the end of the night you can create a cozy atmosphere with blankets and pillows, so your little guests can relax by reading a book or watching a quiet movie. Who wouldn’t love slipping into their pajamas and curling up with friends? Sounds like a perfect night to me!


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