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Destination Wedding Makeup Tips from the Experts at Make Up Forever


Here are 5 crucial Destination Wedding Makeup tips from one of our brilliant artists, Mathilde Aupetit!

Natural Beauty

Read on more tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh regardless of the temperature! And a list of all the products proven to make it happen.

  1. Sweatproof & Waterproof Concealer

    Mix your HD concealer with Aqua Seal. This will make your concealer not only long lasting, but waterproof and sweat proof as well! After all, no one wants to look like a racoon on their wedding day!

  2. A Glowing Goddess Look

    Mix Uplight with Face & Body and apply it on your arms and your decolté to create a shimmery, satin finish. Why not add a little glow to your look… it's your wedding day after all!

    Glowing Goddess

    Photo by Sandra Aberg.

  3. Considerations for False Lashes

    If you've never worn false lashes, I strongly suggest that you do not try them for the first time on your wedding day. False Lashes are phenomenal, but take a little getting used to. They might create an unnecessary stress, when you have lots of other things you should be worrying about… like having fun! If you are absolutely determined to wear false lashes, make sure you try them out in advance, and in which case I would suggest our False lashes #156 or #157.

  4. A Sparkly Bod

    For those of you that enjoy sparkles and can't live without them… I would suggest spraying Mist and Fix on your decolte then lightly blowing on Diamond Powder #2 to create a soft, glowing, shimmery effect..

  5. Aqua-proof Eyes & Lashes

    If you are not keen on wearing waterproof products around your eyes, I would at least suggest to outline your eye with a waterproof Eye Liner such as Aqua Eyes, Aqua Liner or even an Aqua Shadow, and work the rest of the eye with a powder eyeshadow. Always finish your look with waterproof mascara... between the sweat and tears, you will want your mascara to hold strong (even if you're not!). I would recommend our Aqua Smoky Lash.

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