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Budget Friendly Wedding Venues


Tired of expensive, insensitive venues? I have other options for you!

Mr. Man and I were tired of getting the run-around from several different venues... venues that specialize in weddings and events.

Either our contacts were taking too long to get back to us, not getting back to us at all, or they just didn't offer appealing wedding packages. If we loved the venue, we hated the approved caterer's menu. If we loved the caterer, the venue (or our contact there) was lackluster.

Wedding Venue: Assiniboine Inn on the Park, Winnipeg, MB
Historic Assiniboine Inn of the Park, Winnipeg, MB

I decided it was time to start back at square one. I'm not quite sure why I hadn't considered the following budget friendly and personal wedding venue options earlier on in the game, but nonetheless, I hope they'll help you on your venue hunt!

Budget Friendly Venue Option 1: Historic Properties
Typically for these types of places, you pay a rental fee and it covers the property and a certain number of tables and chairs (it varies by property). The rental fee is lower than most typical wedding venues because all you get is the space and what they have on hand.

For example: we looked into a couple of county historic sites and the rentals ranged from $1250 to about $1600 (for 6 hours) and they were all $225 per additional hour. A steal, right?

However, on top of this, you'd have to hire a caterer (a less expensive option is having someone pick up food from your favorite restaurant), staff, linens, and possibly more tables and chairs.

Although this sounds more expensive, what we're finding is that doing everything a la carte, while slightly more hectic and stressful, is much cheaper. And with the money we would save, we could afford to hire a coordinator to handle everything that day.

Budget Friendly Venue Option 2: Farms & Other Locations that don't solely do weddings.
Laws differ by area, but where we live, if you register with the county as a family-owned and operated establishment, you are allowed up to 10 events per year. We found a little farm that does just this - 10 weddings per year.

Wedding Venue: Farm Wedding
Farm wedding in New Brunswick

These places are typically much more willing to work with us and they're more flexible... and most importantly, they actually care about us and about our wedding. It's refreshing to be able to talk to someone who isn't just seeing dollar signs.

The farm we found will rent us the entire farm (including a guest house on the property) for the entire weekend. Pricing is a bit more, but they also offer staff and frankly, I'd be willing to pay more to have an amazing weekend at a location where the people actually want you there and appreciate you as a client and as a couple.

Anyway - these are just two little pointers that I think would have alleviated some stress for us had we known this before contacting a bunch of wedding venues.

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