Nov. 10, 2010, 6 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

Bride-to-Be: Bridal Bouquet Alternatives


As far as brides go, I’m pretty non-traditionalist. One of the many wedding traditions I’ve decided to revolt against is the iconic floral bridal bouquet. I’ve never been big into flowers, especially the whole wilting and dying part.

I’d much rather carry something down the aisle that will stay beautiful and always be there to remind me of the day RC and I started our life together.

As such, I’ll be crafting my own bouquet out of heirloom vintage buttons. To me, this will be much more meaningful and personal than the stereotypical sphere of red roses.


Add a beautiful touch of whimsy to vintage-style weddings.

Vintage Button Bridal Bouquet

Photo courtesy of lil fish studios

Paper Flowers:

Make your bouquet any color of the rainbow. Take that, Mother Nature!

pale blue paper flower bridal bouquet

Photo courtesy of FerntreeFlowers

A bouquet made from the pages of a book could be perfect for a bookworm bride.

hand made origami book page bridal bouquet

Photo courtesy of danamazing

Sea Shells by The Sea Shore:

How cute would a seashell bouquet be for a destination or beach-themed wedding?

sea shells for a bridal bouquet

Photo courtesy of ShellScapes


Remember how much fun pinwheels were when you were little? Guess what, they’re still awesome.

pink printed pinwheel bridal bouquet

Photo courtesy of rule42


This ethereal feather bouquet is straight out of a fairytale.

ivory and pearl feather bouquet

Photo courtesy of LaPlumeEthere


As a former prairie girl, I can appreciate this wheat bouquet. I also love the color combination of pure white with pale golden yellow.

wheat bridal bouquet

Photo courtesy of whichgoose


About our Guest Blogging Bride-to-Be Alana:

After her first date with RC, Alana knew it was the beginning of something amazing. RC proposed two years after that day and the couple will be married on August 20, 2011. They want their day to be unique and completely "us", so they'll be throwing a lot of wedding traditions out the window and replacing them with fun, personal touches. Check back each week to follow Alana as she and RC plan their party of love.

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