Jan. 4, 2011, 7 a.m. by SMARTBRIDE

40+ Tips To Get More Out Of Your Wedding Budget


Thanks to Rachel from Austin Wedding Blog for sharing her tips to get more out of your wedding budget with us.

40+ Ways to Get More Out of Your Wedding Budget

As a recent newlywed, I know first hand that planning a wedding can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding in 2010 was $23,867 and while this may seem like an eye-popping number, it's not hard for a bride and groom to easily spend this amount to put together and celebrate their big day.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen some spectacular budget weddings (1K-5K) that are truly stunning, but most brides don't have the time (nor talent) to create a DIY project for every aspect of their wedding.

Luckily, there are other ways you can shave some dollars and not feel like you're skimping on the important parts of your celebration.

Keep reading for Rachel's budget saving tips…

Budget Saving Tips For Brides

  1. First and foremost, cut your guest list.

  2. Consider an intimate backyard wedding or a free ceremony location.

  3. Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot

  4. If you can, schedule your wedding in the off-season.

  5. Have a weekday or Friday wedding instead of a Saturday event.

  6. Shop Etsy for reasonably price hand-made bridal party gifts.

  7. Skip the champagne toast.

  8. Remember, white limos will always cost you more than black or silver ones.

  9. Attend free DIY craft lessons at local hobby shops.

  10. Use free calligraphic fonts to add some elegance to your invitations.

  11. Buy your wedding flowers wholesale.

  12. Hire a florist to do just one arrangement. Have your friends & family copy it.

  13. Have a buffet instead of sit down dinner.

  14. Make the rehearsal dinner casual. Why not pizza or a family picnic?

  15. Have a pot luck.

  16. Enter wedding contests. Yes, people actually win these.

  17. Include non-floral decor like mason jars and garden lanterns.

  18. Use flowers that are in season.

  19. Have bigger tables so you need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.

  20. Start shopping early. Take advantage of clearance sales throughout the year.

  21. Email your save-the-dates. It's cheaper and it's eco-friendly.

  22. DIY certain elements of the day. Get crafty!

  23. Take advantage of beauty school students to help with your day of make-up.

  24. Draw on friends' talents to help with the music or photography.

  25. Buy a used or sample wedding dress or borrow one.

  26. Comfort foods are cheaper. Ditch the fish and substitute chicken

  27. Have bridesmaid hold one single flower for their bouquet.

  28. Have a honeymoon gift registry.

  29. Make a small cake look bigger by adding flowers, fresh fruit or ribbons.

  30. Serve Prosecco instead of champagne

  31. Shorten the time for your reception.

  32. Skip the top-shelf liquor and go local.

  33. Take advantage of one-day only specials/discounts at bridal events.

  34. Try giving out one favor per couple instead of for each individual person.

  35. Use pasta sauce jars and fish bowls for inexpensive centerpiece décor.

  36. Incorporate family heirlooms to save money and honor the name.

  37. Skip the DJ and make a great playlist for your iPod

  38. Close the open bar an hour early and offer coffee.

  39. Have a guerrilla wedding.

  40. Use unscented candles for a cheap, but dramatic decor option.

  41. Use fruits and vegetables for table decor.

  42. Hire a photographer for just the ceremony and ask guests to take photos during the reception.

  43. Have your wedding at church near a major holiday. The venue will probably already be decorated with floral decor.

  44. Display a small wedding cake for the cake table and have a large sheet cake to cut and serve from.