Trash it or Treasure it?

Thousands of brides have trashed their wedding dresses! Would you? Are great photos and an afternoon of laughs worth ruining the most expensive dress you'll likely ever wear?

Join us for a live debate featuring our expert panel of past & present brides, photographers and wedding experts to weigh in on the BIG question:To trash or not to trash?

To participate, just view the image below:

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Event Flow

  • 8:00pm: Welcome & introductions
  • 8:05pm: Panelists debate our hot topic!
  • 8:35pm: Have your say & join in!
  • 8:55pm: The final weigh in, plus prizes!

How to Participate

It's easy!

Bookmark this page and return on June 23, 2010 @ 8pm EST to see what others are saying.

You can type in your own thoughts, view pictures, participate in polls and more!

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Our Panelists

We've got a stellar cast of characters ready to weigh in their opinions! Who's for? Who's against? Check out the panelists who will fuel the debate fires!

Kyle jordan perison Team: TRASH!

Name: Kyle Perison, TTD photographer from Free to Flaunt

Fav part of TTD sessions?"...coming up with an idea so far fetched everyone tells me it cannot be done. That motivates me to push my imagination and creativity."

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Trash the Dress Debate Prizes
Budget savvy bride Team: TREASURE!

Name: Jessica Bishop, from The Budget Savvy Bride

Why treasure it?"...I hope to one day re-sell my gown, but right now it's still in my closet because it hasn't been cleaned since my wedding!"

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Julia allen Team: TRASH!

Name: Julia Allen, Bride

Fav part of her TTD session?"...knowing that it was finally being used again and not just sitting in her closet collecting dust. I trashed my dress because I knew I'd never need to wear it again...I'm with the man I love."

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Lisa horten Team: TREASURE!

Name: Lisa Horten Senior Editor at

Why treasure it?"...I love my wedding dress! I associate it with what was truly the best night of my life, and so many incredible memories."

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Melissa lui Team: TRASH!

Name: Melissa Lui Editor/Blogger of

Why trash it?"....Why not take the photos you were aching to take on your wedding day but couldn't? It might be your only chance to get a shot of you and your wedding dress running around in puddles!""

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Bride Hit By Wave In Costa Rica! from Art├Ąge Pictures on Vimeo.

Check out more trash the dress photos from some very talented photographers!

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